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+ Service Advantage

Eagle Billiton International compared to other brands to help brand owners a more comprehensive collection of information, more insight to the market and competitive brand set fully grasp can be achieved objectives and formulate a more targeted strategy, writing abetter and more attractive brand of tactics, creating a better brand.

The main brand for the help hawk the extension of international theory, methods, tools to predict the needs of customers and consumers of the brand of the Lord, and take advantage of more opportunities, brand for brand owners have to seek more efficient, the correct solution, rapid increases in brand value and product sales.

+ We adhere to the original design from the traditional replication models, put an end to the flashy concept and design
+ We dare to try, innovation, the courage to do the forward-looking judgment, to create new channels and the cycle of destruction;
+ We dare commitment to each customer, and commitment to responsible
+ We have to jump the Lushan outside ideas, beyond self, beyond the conventional guided
+ We can get a global brand, think tanks, think tank, the maximum energy release
+ Collision thinking, wisdom docking, manufacturing intelligence industry, the magical combination of economic Cube
+ We hold the passion and enthusiasm wholeheartedly to serve you ...

+ The process of service delivery

① early communication, understanding, and offer
+ Understanding of the early work of Eagle Billiton, you can determine our ability and our quality meets your requirements (very important, please choose carefully to us)!
+ Accept customer business consulting, Phone, Email, met way communication;
+ Learn the specific needs of the project, the offer will be made ??under the details of the specific content, design projects and work cycle.

② signed a contract and advance payment
+ The two sides reached a consensus on the mutual ways of working and thinking, signed a cooperation contract with the force of law;
+ Customers pay the agreed advance payment, and provide all the relevant data of the project.

③ strategy and design communication
+ On the basis of cooperation, Eagle Billiton set up a project team in-depth communication with customers;
+ In-depth analysis of customer data and industry data, to explore design concepts and design ideas;
+ Develop planning direction and determine.

(4) design, implementation, and proposals
+ Creative project teams for clients visual planning, creative design;
+ Initial program comp, directly by the project leader for the program to carry out elaborate instructions;
+ Clients to determine the direction of design and proposed amendments, the group began to conduct in-depth design; customers pay the second advance.

⑤ program communication and refinement adjustment
+ Design project design is completed, the local communication partners for the design, adjust the details of the formation of the finished case.

⑥ project acceptance and final payment settlement
+ Customer recognition programs correct, signed to confirm and pay the balance of the contract project;
+ Eagle extension will provide customers submit the design source files.

⑦ services tracking and brand updates
+ Project is completed, the Eagle Billiton International based on customer needs to provide an extension of the design and consulting services in order to maintain the unity of the brand style and brand visual integrity of the chain.


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Industry Research and Analysis
Industry Research and Analysis

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