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YOTO is a leading international brand strategy consultancy and design company, created the world's most influential, greatest value and unique brand "for the mission, is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive one-stop brand consulting services, including brand strategy, brand design, brand integrated marketing communication services, with offices in Hong Kong, mainland China, with more professionals, more adapted to the professional knowledge of customer needs, more detailed and thoughtful, with major new brand and the famous to maintain close cooperation has been optimized to ensure their market position and brand value would be enhanced, product or service sales improved to become the industry-leading brands.
YOTO inception, the experts has been the continuous development of academic theories, methods and tools for more effective brand, many theories have been hit the nail on the head and create the greatest value. Four of these core theoretical and practical experience, methods of operation, the authoring tool focused embodied in YOTO book of "YOTO high end brand decryption" YOTO design mystery, the "YOTO marketing methods," YOTO creative wonders "brand integration Marketing Communications works on.


Since its inception, our experts are constantly developing academic theories, methods and tools for more effective brand to ensure that the customer's market position has been optimized, brand value w...


YOTO than a general business in the analysis of the brand a more comprehensive, more far-sighted thinking problems than the general business more effective in dealing with problems faced by customers ...

Industry Research and Analysis
Industry Research and Analysis

YOTO according to the brand long-term monitoring data, tools, and methods of brand identity systems for various industries, niche brand, brand point of contact, the pattern of brand competition, brand...